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A mobile app for Android/iOS comes standard these days for any contact management platform. Wherever you may be, you can gain immediate access via mobile device to contact lists and key information, then act on it for sales, support, customer service, and marketing tasks. With all-in-one ccleaner for windows 10 contact management, customer service agents can deliver better performance with less effort.

With just an email address, you can do one-click pre-qualification of leads; Pipedrive will trawl the Internet to obtain the most in-depth contact information possible, and find out if they’re likely to buy. Pipeline visualization tools aren’t so clear, and data visualization tools are limited. It allows you to track deals and categorize task types with Tags feature, as well as create and assign roles to team members and set privacy permissions for information-sensitive projects. Smart task and email templates speed up routine inquiries and interactions with customers and help ensure best practice interactions every time.

The software learning curve is moderate, although this is lessened by access to video tutorials, support resources, and community forums. The CRM allows you to add contact records from Gmail and Outlook, or corporate email and web forms, with one-click. Once added, the platform auto-updates records and logs all sales activities with a contact.

DPA provides in-depth compute metrics including CPU, memory, disk, network, and more. Additional database-specific metrics are included, such as InnoDB read/write data for MySQL and DTUs for Azure SQL Database. Help support customers and their devices with remote support tools designed to be fast and powerful. Get a comprehensive set of RMM tools to efficiently secure, maintain, and improve your clients’ IT systems. Fast and powerful hosted aggregation, analytics and visualization of terabytes of machine data across hybrid applications, cloud applications, and infrastructure.

  • TrustArc simplifies privacy management for the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD and 900+ other global regulations with our comprehensive technology platform.
  • Privacy, Data Governance, and Accountability Frameworks provide the content layer of our platform and a resource for simplifying management of thousands of requirements across over 900 privacy laws.
  • 15Five’s solution effectively supports your people wherever they are— in the office, at home, and beyond by leveraging science to drive real results.
  • This repo is an organized collection of resources to help you learn how to build systems at scale.
  • "Implementing 15Five when we did, proved to be one of the most important systems that we have used to ensure our teams were engaged through such an abrupt transition due to COVID-19."

Overall, the platform is built to help you boost your customer base, scale your business, monitor deals, eliminate mundane tasks, run sales email campaigns, and create efficiencies through data centralization. Use notifications and follow-ups to ensure time-sensitive issues are dealt with. Run your workday with a mobile-friendly calendar, schedule appointments, and check your prioritized to-do list. Consult other team members’ calendars and re-assign tasks to other users with ease. Smart contact data finds web data through Google+, LinkedIn, and more, saving you time and preventing you from missing out on key details.

Scoro offers an all-in-one business suite solution along the lines of Salesforce, HubSpot, and other major CRM providers. Their CRM and quoting software offers comprehensive contact management, with robust search, filter, and sort capabilities . Zapier integration allows you to sync contact data with third-party applications, and access all your cross-platform prospect information from directly within Salesmate.

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Sales CRM with contact management tools that help you nurture relationships, find out which conversations to prioritize, and optimize your sales. You can develop your own lead scoring criteria to find your best leads, and set custom organizational parameters, i.e. ‘sort’ categories.

Easy Attendance Register Free VIEW → Use your device for the attendance of the employees by using the attendance register. SQLTool Pro Database Editor Purchase VIEW → Manage MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase, and Oracle databases from your Android device. My Dental Clinic Free VIEW → Manage your appointments and patient information. MLeads Enterprise Free to try VIEW → Increase productivity and efficiency of your sales and marketing teams. Pricing might be too high for some small businesses, and the contact management component of the software suite can’t be purchased separately.

HubSpot automatically trawls its database of 20 million+ businesses and builds revenue, industry, and more into contact details wherever possible. Assign tasks to specific team members, give everyone full visibility on who is doing what, and set deadlines with reminder notifications. Cloud-based SaaS contact management tools, when operating as part of CRM, put all your work processes in one place and let you deal with task and workflow processes on-the-fly.