MARCH 2016: How College is Getting More inexpensive

MARCH 2016: How College is Getting More inexpensive

New SITTING, the PreACT, scandals, press releases, acceptance emails: March was obviously a big month in the world of college or university admissions and also standardized diagnostic tests! Let’s ski right on with.

#NewSAT? More like #ClownCollege

The New REMAINE was as a final point administered initially this month. The response? Students did actually think that the math section will be harder versus the old SAT’s math area, but the critical reading area is around the exact same or less difficult than the old version. Individuals also agreed upon that it was a long and tedious test, yet according to some sort of survey produced by the College Table, students preferred the New SITTING by a 6 to 1 border over the ancient test. To read more student response and see a few interesting statistics, check out this unique post most people did the money to meet what scholars thought about the fresh SAT.

The New Participant in Town: Typically the PreACT

You might have perhaps heard of the exact PSAT, a shorter edition of the POSED that students typically take on during their sophomore year of high school. There hasn’t been an equivalent version with the ACT however. This month WORK Inc. publicised that they will release the PreACT: a reduced version in the ACT for high school sophomores for taking. Sound familiar? They may be quite clear that the ACT made the test towards compete with the actual PSAT. To find out more about the PreACT, you can take a look at the ACT’s PreACT page. Continue reading “MARCH 2016: How College is Getting More inexpensive”

Parent Recommendations for the Ending of Frosh Year

Parent Recommendations for the Ending of Frosh Year

If you are an parent of any school-aged baby, the thirty days of April is a normal time for manifestation. If you are a mother or father of new high school student, additionally it is a necessary a person. Now that all their first year of high classes is all in all (or has already wrapped up), take advantage of this period to reflect on the past year and peruse ahead from what’s to come over the following three years.

First, Reflect

Get started with open-ended concerns. The point this is to start a new conversation that you’ll continue during high school. Excellent questions may well include:

  • Everything that did these find incredible about school?

  • If they could want to do something from the past year in another way, what would it be?

  • What were their exclusive and lowest favorite portions of freshman 12 months?

Listening to their responses will let you determine what might next. Keep in mind, talking as a result of these items more than several chitchats (some informal, some more formal) can make these individuals seem even more natural and less overwhelming. Then of course you’ll want to dance deeper into specific parts, including:


This goes beyond academic overall performance, although quantities are clearly important! Critique the tuition they’ve taken and the marks they’ve received. Are there any issues? Did that they expect to do better or a whole lot worse than they were doing? Continue reading “Parent Recommendations for the Ending of Frosh Year”